Top 5 Cute and Romantic Things to Do On Her Birthday

Birthday is the most precious day of the year in everyone’s life. On this day, everyone has a right to be the happiest person on this world. There are some people in our life whom we love beyond words and life. One such person is your life is your future and forever partner, your girlfriend. Girlfriends are one such category of people who also love you to the moon and back but are very sensitive. All they need is your love and care. And on her birthday she has expectations from none but from you only. SO, it is your very important duty to make her birthday special to her.

Here are 5 cute and romantic things to do on her birthday.


1) Hug her behind and Wish for Birthday

Hug her behind and Wish for Birthday

Sweet love is one of the most memorable moments in love. Lovers are very fond of surprises. They give surprises to their beloveds and love to have surprises as well. The sweetest thing to do on your girlfriend’s birthday is to hug her from behind. She is always very busy with her work and like every day she would be working only. Hug her at such a moment where she has no clue that you can be there. While hugging, whisper the birthday wish along with the three precious words in her ear. She will blush like anything to hear that.


2) Buy her a box of Chocolates and hide a small gift in there

Buy her a box of Chocolates and hide a small gift in there

Chocolates are the weak-point of every person. Every one’s choice of chocolate types varies. You know her favorite brand and flavor of chocolate. Buy a customized box of chocolates including her favorite delicacies. To make it a grand surprise for her, put inside another small gift. It can be a pen of her favorite brand. Or it can be jewelry. Even a small birthday card can create magic.


3) Bake her Birthday Cake and write a love message on it

Bake her Birthday Cake and write a love message on it

There are many things that your girlfriend loves. To make her birthday a surprising one, it is best to do things that she can’t imagine you to do those things. If she is a fond cook, you can try your hand to bake a cake for her. It would be better if you choose to prepare one of her favorite flavor. Then write a small love message to her on it with whipping crème. She would appreciate your effort without judging the taste of the cake.


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4) Make a gift basket filled with her favorite things

Make a gift basket filled with her favorite things

If you are with her on her birthday, then you can send her favorite things to her as birthday gifts. But if you are away from her, send birthday gifts through online delivery services. In certain case, you can’t send her favorite things one by one to her. The best choice is to buy a customized gift basket. In it, you can put inside every single things that she loves. Then wrap it and write a special letter to her how much you are missing her on her birthday. Video call her if possible when she receives the gift. She would be emotional and happy at the same time. Though you will be away from her, but the gift will make her feel your love and care.


5) Arrange A Romantic Dinner With Her Favorite Dish

Arrange A Romantic Dinner With Her Favorite Dish

You are very lucky if you have a food lover girlfriend. People, who love to eat, love to give treats as well. For her, having a food treat on her birthday from the special person is the best birthday gift to her. So, arrange a romantic dinner date to her favorite restaurant. It will be perfect to have her favorite dishes on her table. If your partner is an enthusiast foodie, then you can explore restaurants on this special day as well. Exploring another dish on this day might include in her favorite dish list. Gift her ‘I Love You’ balloon as a token of your love to her once the dinner s over. You can also get varieties of balloons from online balloons delivery sites.


If you plan for any one of the above ideas on her birthday, she would be proud of having you. Such cute and romantic gifts are always on her wish list. All you need is to fulfill them.

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