Spy App – Best Weapon to Protect Kids from Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has developed as the most common online threat having a severe impact on the mental, physical and psychological health of sensitive children.Over a few past years, many cases have been reported of kids committing suicide on becoming a victim of bullying.The victim of online bullying is more likely to experience depression, low self-esteem, fear, isolation and suicidal thoughts. Parents are needed to take every possible step to protect their kids from cyber bullies. They are required to supervise the mobile phone and social media use of their teens and twins to make sure they are not being targeted by persecutors and molesters. Read on to know how we can protect kids from harassers with the help of cell phone spy app.

What Exactly Spy App Is?

A monitoring or spy application is intended for parents to secretly and remotely track the cell phone activities of their teens and twins. Once you install the spyware app on the targeted Android or iPhone, you can monitor almost all activities performed on that cell phone. While there are scores of spy and parental control applications available presently, it can be challenging to pick up the most reliable and efficient cell phone tracking app that worth your money.

We have reviewed the top cell phone monitoring apps and found a few high-rated parental control and monitoring apps that can be recommended to parents for child monitoring. The One Spy is one of those surveillance apps. It is a cross-platform app that is compatible with Android mobile phones, iPhones, Mac computers and Windows computers. You can monitor multiple devices running different operating systems with a single spy app.


How does Spy App Work?

After installation on the targeted mobile phone or computer device, the spy app gets access to the data stored on that device. That data is then uploaded to the online control panel of the spyware app from where parents can monitor that data. Generally, it includes messages, contacts, call logs, photos, videos, audios, emails, internet history and Keylogs. This information enables parents to closely watch out the online and offline activities of the children to protect them from cyberbullying.


How Spy App Protects Kids from Cyberbullying

The cell phone and computer monitoring app provides parents with necessary information of the targeted device. It contains online and offline conversations, social media posts, comments and emails among others. For example, if parents find any bullying message or post on their kids’ social media account, they can provide support to their kids and help them to combat the bully.


Best Weapon to Protect Kids from Cyberbullying


Monitor Bullying Messages

The cell phone spying app enables parents to read all incoming and outgoing messages of their kids. It includes SMS, MMS, iMessage and instant messages sent and received via popular instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber and IMO. You can also get the contact detail of the message sender and receiver to know whom your kids communicate with.These messages may help you detect if there is any bullying stuff present.



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Monitor Bullying Calls

The Android surveillance app of The One Spy lets you track the phone calls of your kids to listen to the bullying calls. It records all incoming and outgoing phone calls and uploads these calls to the online control panel of the spyware app. Parents can log into that panel and listen to all the received and made phone calls of their kids. It also provides you with contact detail of the callers and recipients. If you find any threatening or offending call landing on the targeted cell phone, you can block incoming calls from that number.


Monitor Bullying Social Media Posts

Social media is biggest platform for bullies. They can make embarrassing posts, send offending comments and transmit harassing messages via social media apps. The Android surveillance app enables parents to monitor social media apps including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and Tinder. It enables them to monitor almost every activity performed on these platforms.

Monitor Bullying Emails

The cell phone spy app also lets you monitor emails of your children. You can read inward and outward emails and see email addresses of the conversing parties.

The monitoring app enables parents to create a shield around their kids in the online and offline world. And they protect them from bullies, molesters, scammers and online criminals. To subscribe and know more about the surveillance app. You can visit the official webpage of TheOneSpy.

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