Direct Marketing : Benefits and Steps to Campaign

Do you already know what direct marketing is and have incorporated it into your advertising strategies? This type of marketing is one of the most effective and, above all, more easily measurable, so it is essential to know it thoroughly. Therefore, in this article you can learn what online marketing is, its benefits and the steps to make a successful campaign. Let’s go there!

What is direct marketing?

The direct marketing or direct marketing is a type of advertising campaign to trigger an action on a selected group of consumers (for example, an order, a visit to the store or the website of the mark or a request for information) in response to a communication by the marketer. This communication can have many different formats, such as postal mail, telemarketing, point of sale … One of the most interesting is direct email marketing .

An essential aspect of direct marketing is that the response of the consumer must be measurable : for example, if you offer a discount for an online store, you must include some kind of cookie or pixel that lets you know if the user has made use of the code.

One of the renowned logo designing company of US drive massive results using direct marketing. Have a look on these tips of direct marketing they have implemented and got ROI.

Benefits of digital direct marketing

1) Allows reaching specific users with specific offers

With direct marketing, you will be sending your emails or publishing your ads in such a way that only the users with the best chance of buying will see them . For example, if you have a Thai food restaurant, you could only contact users who live within a radius of 10 miles and who have already registered a visit to a restaurant similar to yours.

On the other hand, this approach takes advantage to make it easy for users, so they do not have to search too much when they want to buy a product or service.

2) Help to build personal relationships

Traditional online marketing has an impersonal component, since campaigns are launched on a large scale. Instead, direct marketing techniques seek a much closer communication with customers.

If you want to exploit this feature, try adding a personal touch to your direct marketing campaigns . For example, if you are using traditional mail to communicate with customers, you can write the addresses by hand. In this way, you will make it clear that there are people behind your brand.


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3) Facilitate a quick response

With traditional long-range campaigns, sometimes you have to wait for very long periods to see the results and the attribution relationship is not always clear. But direct marketing is different.

Instead of launching broad communications to introduce users to your conversion funnel, here you are going directly to them to look for a direct result. In this way, it is much easier to obtain feedback on the actions that work and those that do not.

4) Eliminate users who are not going to convert

Direct marketing makes it easy to create a very refined database, for example, by eliminating those users who are not interested in receiving communications from your brand. The new RGPD regulations make people have the power to clearly choose what information they want to receive.

And in the end, this is good news for brands and not an obstacle. If you eliminate users who are not really interested in what you offer, you can focus on those that really matter.

4 Examples of digital direct marketing campaigns


Direct email marketing is one of the most interesting online channels to achieve loyalty and conversions.

The newsletters are the “bricks” that form the basis of email marketing campaigns. These are communications of the brand sent periodically to a database. Its content is generally informative, but you can also use them to highlight promotions and offers specially adapted to the target.

If you are going to use this technique, remember that with the new data protection regulation users have to click specifically in the box to accept the sending of your newsletters.


This strategy takes a long time between us, but many companies continue to use it with good results. The key is to properly filter the database to ensure that you are only targeting potentially interested users.

Another aspect to take care of is the script of the calls. You have to be able to quickly deduce whether you are facing a potential client or not. For example, you can ask directly: “Would you be interested in a service to reduce your spending on X?”. If the user says no, it is better to dismiss the call politely.

Brand videos

In the online environment, the lifelong infomercials are recycled to become branded videos. There are many options, from the most creative and inspirational to the tutorials of using a product step by step.


A very powerful option is to combine the video content with your newsletters or with your advertising campaigns on social networks . In this way, you can make sure that they only reach users with real possibilities of converting.


Postcards are an economic and original twist to direct mail marketing of a lifetime.

In general, postcards are often use for lead generation campaigns . It is important that they have a visible title at first sight and that it highlights the benefit of the product or service, for example, “save XXX euros on your car insurance this year”. To be able to follow up later, include some way to get in touch with your company (for example, through a toll-free number or an email)

Start your direct email marketing campaign

Ready to start? I explain step by step how to launch a direct mailing campaign:

Develop your contact list . The first step in developing a successful direct email marketing campaign is knowing who you are targeting. In the market you can find many email lists by sectors, but you need to take your personalization further and find the users who are really interested in your product. To get leads, you can try an inbound marketing campaign based on content (for example, downloads of an eBook) or lead generation ads on Twitter. Whatever you do, do not forget that you need to segment as much as possible your list of contacts, for example, by the frequency with which they visit your website or the products that interest them most.

Create the ideal mail. Subject, texts, icons, call-to-action buttons … No element of your email marketing campaign should be left to chance, and for this you must align creativity and segmentation.

Enter an identification code or pixel . As we have already seen, one of the keys to direct marketing is precisely the possibility of measuring all results. For this, you need to include in your emails a code or pixel that identifies the users. That have arrived at your website through this particular campaign.

Test the campaign . Take advantage of your email campaigns to test A / B and discover what really works with your audience. Subject, images, button, delivery time … try all possible variants.

Start the campaign . Send a test email to make sure everything works perfectly and launch your campaign. But be careful! As with social networks and other digital advertising tools, you should avoid sending them to deadlines if you do not want to be forgotten.

Responses from consumers . Ready! Now you just have to wait to see the reactions of your target. Leave a window of reasonable time before drawing conclusions, since not everyone looks at your email instantly.

Analyze the results of the campaign . Finally, you will have to measure how your campaign work. How many people have opened the mail, clicked or converted from your email? If you have tried several versions, which one has yielded the best results and why? Write down the conclusions for the next time. You will see how in a short time you are launching really effective marketing campaigns.

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