Brainybatch Launches Hassle-free ‘No Cost EMI’ Scheme to Make Education Pertinent

Brainybatch, a renowned one-stop educational portal, has taken a step ahead by launching an innovative No Cost EMI scheme early February 2018.  The scheme is launched in association with Bank & Non-Banking Financial Companies to accomplish its decisive dream of making education significant, accessible and realistic! Students whose future is dangled because of hefty fees, this scheme is without a doubt great news. By this, No Cost EMI scheme students can opt for 3, 6, or 9 months equal installments instead of paying their Annual fees at a time.

Brainybatch is a comprehensible online website that has an entire online admission application process along with the reimbursement opportunity service. It has separately published top colleges of our nation with own individual web link.  It has made an effort to provide an easy chore for the students to fill-up the online application forms of their own choices. Parents can easily compare the fees with other offered courses. Instead of finding different courses physically, parents can do the same sitting at home only!  You can revisit the institution profiles by discovering and sorting out. Basically, Brainybatch helps you to save your valuable time.


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‘No Cost EMI’ scheme charges zero down payment and zero processing fees. Apart from general taxes, it does not charge interests or allowance fee from the credit card. Sectors like FMCG, FMCD, digital technologies, Transports, and gold has already implemented ‘No Cost EMI’ scheme since days. But in the education sector, Brainybatch is the first one to implement this affable new scheme ‘No Cost EMI’. This plan has now made education extremely easy to attainable by all the individuals.

No Cost EMI scheme is a revolutionary offer by which one can pay annual fee in the form of monthly instalments instead of paying at a time. This plan has made education much easier and affordable. Brainybatch has made this plan possible in association with Banks and NBFCs to keep the headaches off from submitting the full fees at a time.

In this plan, the bank will not directly deal with the consumers. The educational institutes will put forward an honest discount to the students and parents and the bank will charge an interest on the equal part of that offered discount from the customer. By this way, customers are not paying anything extra for the EMI. Rather they would be glad to realize the final outgo from their pocket.

Brainybatch has extended its arms by offering all types of financial support in Education sector.  The scheme is applicable for play schools, grade schools, colleges, Universities, as well as Coaching and Vocational Classes. This scheme is, in fact, a pretty awe-inspiring from students’ point of view. They do not have to expend extra for an important decision of their life. It will help the students to save money as well as precious time while they are at it.

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