5 Unique but cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone

We are more excited towards the end of the year than welcoming a new year. Because we will have Santa and Christmas theme parties with friends and family. Kids are excited because they will get a break in their school and adults because they can indulge in festivities with few days off from work. But one thing about Christmas is we go on a zero budget because we need to buy for all the family members and friends, it is a wonderful thought to treat everyone with gifts but that has to be budget friendly.

Thus we have 5 unique yet cheap Christmas Gift ideas you can treat your dear ones with.


  1. Gift a Plant

This is a very thoughtful gift and also an affordable one. Plant increases ambience of the room and if it happens to be in library or study room it would raise the academic performance of your child. Also it helps to reduce pollution levels and we can get an access to fresh air at home. You can give plants with medicinal value or a plant which can be used as a decor in home space. Plant is such a gift that its benefits would also be taken by the grand children of recipient. It is the gift that would stay as it is for a very long period of time if nurtured well.


  1. Xmas treat Gift Hampers

Who doesn’t admire sweet surprises? Everyone does. So this year be traditional and gift chocolates, cookies, candies and other sweet delicacies to your relatives as Christmas gifts hampers. You would find these items in offer in stores. If you wish to save a little more go for handmade chocolates, muffins and ginger bread cookies. You can yourself get decorative baskets from the store or online and wonderfully make a decorative package and add a handwritten Christmas wishes note inside the hamper.


  1. Family Calendar

You can gather family photographs of families you wish to gift this calendar to. You can also take individual snapshot of the family member and get is printed in form of a calendar. You can compare the individual’s character with the month or keep respective photo on a particular month of whosoever’s birthday it is. This would be a wonderful gift because there would be memories to cherish whenever we flip the page for a new month. You can get this calendar printed from different sites online because they have nice deals available. You can Christmas gift delivery to your friends and relatives to the place they have went for vacation and surprise them there.


  1. A Fun Adventure

Take the whole crew to an amusement park, water park, adventure park, to mountains to try out adventurous sports or to a beach where you can have different water sports. We have a sayings; “The family that enjoys together, stays together” so follow that. You can buy its tickets anytime in the year when there are exciting deals and use it later. Many families are not into materialistic things so this is a very nice option. You can get wonderful pictures clicked at the park; beach or mountains and you can get those pictures framed which will stay at your house forever. Its winter so it would be a wonderful time for skiing also so why not that. Thus family vacation would be a best Christmas gift.


  1. I.Y gifts

In this materialistic world, admire someone’s real efforts. This is my personal favourite in the list whenever Christmas arrives I know I will get few holidays, so what I do is buy beads and other supplies that would be useful to make handmade gifts. Also many of your family members would love this gesture rather than buying something from outside. These homemade gifts take our time, efforts and thinking which would make it more attractive. You can make so many identical Christmas cards for all the family members and family. If you have enough time you can go for different handmade items like hand soap, bracelet, crochet, scarf, earrings, soft toy etc according to the age and gender of the person. Everyone would be surprised to receive unique handmade gifts. No doubt people would admire gifts from store but these handmade gifts would make recipient happier.


Christmas is the only time of the year when you treat your family and friends with nice gifts, so keep the tradition continued and enjoy Christmas in best spirits.

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