5 Tips To Avoid Scenarios Requiring Domain Name Recovery

Domain names are immensely valuable assets but most website owners are ignorant about this fact. As a business grows, the value associated with its domain name in the virtual world also increases as people identify and associate it with the business. Cases, where such domain names are being hijacked by hackers are rising. Let’s consider the example of a successful Canada-based cafe chain which used a firm to register its domain name in Vancouver. The business owner ignored securing the asset and fell prey to domain hijacking requiring the services of a firm specializing in domain name recovery. The chances of regaining a hijacked name are slim and therefore, we are presenting a few tips that will be helpful in avoiding such scenarios.


1. Owners Must Register The Domain In Their Name

People thinking about registering a domain must do it in their own name. Even if they are engaging another agency to conduct the process on their behalf, they must ensure that their name is being used by the firm. A domain is the legal property of the person or entity in whose name it has been registered. Website owners by getting the domain in their name not only eliminate chances of conflicts arising over the domain name ownership in future. They also get proof that can be used in recovery proceedings to establish their legal right over the term in case of domain hijacking.


2. Entrust Website Management To Dependable People

Business websites are handled by multiple people belonging to different sections. This increases the chance of misuse and to prevent it, the website management must be entrusted to select, dependable staff members. Creating a section for taking care of the interface will be a sensible move. All the other departments can approach this division for making the modifications that they want. This will restrict the access to the control panel of the website and minimize chances of account hijacking.


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3. Domain Management Must Be Done By The Owner

Hackers conduct a WHOIS search to find out the domain registrar’s name and the email account registered by the domain in order to carry out the hijacking. They use online tools available for the purpose and then hack the email account for accessing the domain name control panel. Website owners must always keep domain management under their control and the email ID that they give at the time of registration must be handled by them only. In case, another individual or agency is needed to manage the function, owners must assure themselves of their reliability. It is always better to be safe rather than looking for domain name recovery services later on to regain a hijacked name.


4. Be Alert To The Dangers Of Email Phishing

Website owners are at great risk of email phishing scams as hackers use the technique to get access to their email accounts. People must take care and must not open emails from unknown or suspicious entities. A sensible move will be to create a separate email ID for domain name registration which is not used for any other purpose.


5. Choose Enterprise-class Domain Name Registry

Many people commit the error of selecting a domain name registry plan which is available at a cheap price. They must choose the enterprise-class domain name registry which will come with features such as 2-factor authentication and registrar locks. These security measures can be extremely helpful in preventing hijacking attempts and safeguarding the domain name. Website owners must compare the different plans offered by agencies before choosing one with adequate security features.



Domain name recovery is a long-drawn process and in order to prevent losses, website owners must take help from the above-mentioned tips which will reduce the chances of domain hijacking to some extent.

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