4 Online Recruitment Best Practices for Fast-Moving Industries

It is 2018, and there is no denying that life throughout the world is happening online. The Internet has expanded into all areas of our daily lives and is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, the opposite can be observe; communication between companies and consumers, along with the process of researching products and services, primarily occurs online and has replace more traditional ways of obtaining information.

No matter what industry you are operating in, this is true. However, it has particularly impacted the way that recruitment is done. You see, potential employees can be in contact with more companies than ever before, as well as have the ability to compare and contrast options thoroughly.

For this reason, many businesses (both large and small) are finding that they have to approach recruitment practices differently than ever before.

If you are looking to shake up your system of recruiting, here are four online recruitment best practices for fast-moving industries.


1. Focus on establishing your online brand

Too many small or medium sized businesses think that establishing an online brand is only necessary for big firms, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Companies of all sizes should be focusing on putting their best face forward on the Internet — particularly if they are operating in a fast-moving industry.

Establishing an online brand means having your messaging and values evident and consistent across all platforms. It means that when a potential employee (or customer) searches for your company, they are able to tell in a short amount of time what you are all about.

It also means that you have reflected on the top five things you want a potential employee to recall after doing research on you, and then ensuring they are clearly presented.

From this point, they can instantly know whether it is the kind of place that they want to work in.

You want to be selling your company and its products and services not just to consumers, but also to future employees. This is crucial if you’re going to be successful in enticing top talent. Recognize that these potential employees are going to investigate you, just as much as you are researching them!

Do this by posting a variety of educational, inspirational and engaging content that secures your firm as an indispensable and innovative source in your corner of the industry.

To ensure that you are able to create enough content to strengthen your digital brand, make sure that you have it set up for current employees to generate and share company-wide created content, as well as their own work-related content.

This work-related content could come in the form of a weekly dispatch from the IT department that is publish on your company blog. Your HR team could organize regular Facebook Live sessions, while the marketing department scribes blog posts on guest sites.

When it comes to your digital brand and with regards to recruiting, you want to have all your company profiles and job postings optimized with appropriate keywords.


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2. Take a deep breath and start financing analytics

Just as there is no point in creating lots of content and focusing on your digital brand if you aren’t able to capture and analyze the impact it is having, you also need to have a similar process for gathering recruitment analytics. This is essential if you are serious about maintaining an efficient and successful recruitment strategy.

What do recruitment analytics do? Well, for starters, they make it more accessible and useful to judge applicants, observe current employee performance, and confirm that your recruitment team is picking amazing characters.

Furthermore, these recruitment analytics support your team with the challenging task of classifying your model worker, determining who is in a place for promotion, and permitting managers to design and illustrate a legitimate career path for those who are working below them.

While some of these are more obviously focus on helping to retain current employees, the fact of the matter is that employee retention is one of the most significant factors that potential employees take into account.

To sum it up, recruitment analytics help companies in fast-moving industries because they ensure that you are recruiting based on data-driven decisions. And data is the future.


3. Embrace recorded applications

The fact that you operate in a fast-moving industry probably means that you are looking to attract clued-in workers who have vast experience in online mediums and new forms of media. Therefore, you are doing yourself (and potential employees) a disservice by not allowing video applications.

Traditionally, applications would come in and then an interview would be set up, which meant that interest parties would have to make their way to your office. However, by allowing video applications, you are opening up your recruitment search to encapsulate a more extensive collection of talent, as where they are located doesn’t need to be a factor.

By allowing video applications, you are also helping the recruitment process go quicker because it is a lot more time-efficient to have someone send in a recording than to wait until your schedules align.


4. Optimize your postings for those who search on smartphones

In the past few years, the use of smartphones as the primary device for searching and browsing the Internet has grown exponentially — particularly for millennial’s who have their mobile device almost permanently attached to their bodies.

So, if you want reach tech-savvy potential employees, then you need to be using the methods and means that they are privy to. In other words, your job applications and recruitment processes need to be mobile-friendly.

What does mobile-friendly mean, you may be asking?

Well, it means that any job postings and applications that you put out there into the world must be easy to locate and apply to from a mobile device. It also means that your website should be optimize for mobile browsing and all relevant and necessary contact information can be found seamlessly.

Is your company already applying these best practices? What other avenues should be explore to improve recruitment processes? Let us know what you think in the comments!



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